Juicy Secrets to Living an Abundant, Rip-Roaring Life

There is a great phrase in the Disney movie, Tomorrowland: Which wolf are you feeding? It’s a key question we should all keep on our top-of-mind awareness. What direction is my life taking? Have I identified clear steps needed to achieve my desires? What hidden fears are preventing me from moving forward?

Training modalities that combine right brain and left brain thinking allow for use of your whole brain and produce creative outcomes. Brave left brain thinkers such as physicians and accountants begin to ‘play’ and move beyond limiting thinking.

Workshops using a systematic approach to left and right brain thinking, much like Einstein and DaVinci were able to use, allow the attendees to shift thinking to produce new outcomes. While one can stay grounded in analytical and scientific thinking to excel quite well in corporate environments, this often leaves out the joy in the experience. Left brain thinkers have learned use of oracle cards while artistic souls have learned sound marketing and accounting techniques. Combining left and right brain tools can literally transform your tomorrows.

Jo Ellen Newman, MBA, is a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Earth Angel reader, life coach and speaker. For more information, call 954-594-0747 or visit TransformingYourTomorrows.com.

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