Jamming Juice Detox

by Chantel Jardim

Most people think that throwing a bunch of fruits and veggies into a blender and liquefying them is the same thing as juicing; there is a huge difference which I am about to share with you. One thing that is true about juicing and blending is that they will both load your body with nutrients, however, with blending the digestive tract does not get as much of a rest nor will you truly detox like you would with drinking pure juice. So, if you are looking to do a more serious ‘excavation’ of your body then a juice cleanse is a must.


A ‘smoothie’ contains whole foods which can be fruits, veggies or any other ingredient plus the skins and seeds that can be blended into the drink. Benefits include high fiber content which is good for colon health, toxin absorption from the gut which drags them out, replacement of meals, and a way to add more fruits to your diet. Smoothies offer some level of light detoxification, but for true detox, a juice cleanse will do just that.

So if you’re ready, let’s take your health to the next level, adding some clarity and balance to your life. It is time to feel alive and energized again, get your glow back and let those unwanted pounds disappear for good. In order to do this, our bodies need vitamins, minerals, nutrients and phytochemicals, also known as micronutrients, to run at optimal level. Their important role is to make sure the body is properly nourished. The more of these nutrients we consume, the better chance we have of preventing or reversing disease. Most of these nutrients are found in dark green leafy vegetables, raw vegetables and fruits. One of the many advantages we get from juicing is that we literally flood our cells with these nutrients which allows the body to absorb them with maximum efficiency. Juicing is a great way to maintain a nutrient-rich diet and easier on the digestive system as it doesn’t have to break down all that fiber, plus its way harder to eat all that too! If you do not get enough micronutrients in your diet, you are more susceptible to disease and illness. Micronutrients provide the body with the raw materials to heal and be at its ideal weight, maintain normal bodily function, rid itself of waste and repair damage. Additionally, they help you overcome food cravings, increase energy, allow better sleep, and provide an overall sense of wellbeing.

It is super important to prepare your body before a juice cleanse and mandatory you come off dairy, meat, all sugar, processed foods, alcohol and caffeine four days before the cleanse. Begin adding more greens, veggies, and fresh fruits to your diet. These will all aid in reducing the detox symptoms for the first few days. 

Cleansing for one to three days will allow your body to do some general house cleaning, however, your body will not properly work through all the detox symptoms during that time. Cleansing for four to seven days will get your body into deeper cellular repair and detox and you will notice how good you feel, how much energy you have, how much younger you look and how clear your skin and eyes are as well as how good you sleep. While the toxins move out, the body starts to rejuvenate and regenerate naturally. This process will also help you overcome any food cravings you may have had in the past and allow your body to crave only healthier whole foods in the future.

I highly recommend starting with a five to seven day cleanse and maintaining with a one day cleanse every month thereafter. This gives the digestive system a break from digesting and processing and a chance to heal, cleanse, detox and regenerate cell growth. All this will aid in optimal health and balance in your life! 

Chantel Jardim’s passion is to continue to make fresh organic juices readily available to as many people as possible by delivering to homes, offices and health events. To book your juice cleanse and start the New Year right, contact her at [email protected] or 917-825-5729. See ad page 5.

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