How Green Are Your Hair Services and Products?


Working several years as a “holistic hair stylist”, every day is truly a challenge between beauty and health. Every hair show I attend, I find myself wandering around looking for green products to add to my holistic services; there aren’t that many offered.


Most hair salons are busy demonstrating how green they are: they paint the walls green with soy paint; they recycle, re-use and try to keep the best indoor air quality. The reality is most hair salons are loaded with chemicals. Products “claiming” to be green are oftentimes not. Do you know how many hair dyes have nickel, chromium, gluten, and cobalt? Symptoms of hypersensitivity can manifest as dermatitis and chronic rhinitis.

It took me a while to really come up with a definition of what it means to be a holistic hair stylist in a green salon. Individual Consultation is the key. At Hair Holistic, we not only evaluate scalp and hair condition, but we consider lifestyle, skull bone structure and complex personal aspects, like hair addictions and image distortion disorders. We empower our clients in healthy ways to take care of their hair at home.

Call 561-372-5354; Hair Holistic is located at 881 East Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton. See ad page 59.

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