Holistic Treatments for Abnormal Pap Test

by Judith Kaplan

The cervix, womanly gate through which all mankind passes, should be treated with utmost reverence. One way of protecting the cervix is to have annual Pap screening for early detection of potentially pre-cancerous cervical cells. Unfortunately, medical treatment options for abnormal Pap results are generally one-dimensional and target the abnormal cervical cells exclusively with outside manipulations and surgery.


Alternative holistic treatments for abnormal cervical cells are available through naturopathic or holistic-minded practitioners, and are multi-pronged and target the underlying causes. They aim to improve overall health and immunity, to gently slough off abnormal cells, to promote healthy tissue regrowth, and to diminish or eradicate Human Papillomovirus (HPV), which is usually a factor in abnormal cells.

One holistic treatment plan, escharotic therapy, entails application of botanical and mineral solutions to the cervix and a regime of herbal suppositories and special supplements that boost the healing process. If a woman chooses, these healing treatments can be integrated with conventional treatments from her existing medical provider. In fact, an integrated approach can actually augment the effectiveness of both modalities.

The conventional recommendations for abnormal Pap tests include increased frequency of Pap tests and repeated biopsies (colposcopies). If abnormal results persist, the recommendations are cryosurgery, cone biopsy or a LEEP procedure, which either freezes or cuts off a portion of the cervix and its abnormal cells. The good news is that these treatments usually eradicate precancerous cells and stimulate regrowth of normal healthy cells. Frequently though, the cervical abnormalities reappear after a year or two, very likely due to the shallow one-dimensional targeting of affected cells. There is a risk of irreparable damage to the cervix as it is shortened through surgeries, which can negatively impact future pregnancy and birth.

A holistic approach to HPV and cervical dysplasia* takes into account a woman’s health choices and overall state of health. Strengthening natural immunity through therapeutic compounds and supplements promotes healing from within, and is used in tandem with natural substances applied to the cervix that gently slough off the affected cells. Recommended supplements include mega doses of Beta Carotene, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Zinc and green tea capsules. For lasting results, a woman should also make a shift towards wholesome living, avoiding environmental toxins, infections and tobacco, embracing a healthy, vegetable-based diet of organic foods, and lifestyle practices that decrease stress and promote healing. Yearly pap tests are recommended.

For further information, Judith Kaplan, Certified Nurse Midwife, can be reached at 561-218-4480.

Note: Dysplasia refers to persistent HPV, ASCUS, LSIL, HSIL, CIN 1, 2 & 3, and warts.

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