Holistic Podiatrist Offers Corporate Wellness Workshops for Local Businesses

Do you have a business where your employees stand on their feet the majority of the time? Examples of this include medical professionals, retail workers, hospitality workers, restaurant workers, casino workers, teachers, police and firefighters.

Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM (Doc Rick) is now offering corporate wellness training workshops for businesses both small and large. Being one of a handful of “holistic podiatrists” in the country, Doc Rick offers unique insights into how “Your Business Benefits When You Start With Your Feet”. His workshops offer practical ways businesses can improve employee health and morale via proper fitting, comfortable shoes and “customized orthotics”. Also included is his advice on exercise (high intensity interval training), organic nutrition, key vitamins/supplements and stress management techniques.

The ultimate goal is one which leads to a healthy employee with a sturdy foot foundation, who has a lower chance of being overweight or having chronic health conditions. This approach attempts to cut down on absenteeism as well as improving customer service and job performance. Discounted customized orthotics are available as part of the workshop so employees can work and live with vitality.

For more information, call 954-526-5800 or visit StartWithYourFeet.com.

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