Holistic Podiatrist in Broward County

Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM, one of the only holistic podiatrists in the country, is located right here in Broward County. “Doc Rick” merges holistic and traditional practice models with a patient-specific biomechanical foundation. He is available to treat health-conscious patients in his centrally located office at The Wellness Center at Post Haste. He is a weekly blogger on his website, WellnessStartsWithYourFeet.com, and a national blogger on Blogs.NaturalNews.com.

Doc Rick’s practice goal is to reduce foot and leg pain in a safe manner (using his own protocol of vitamins and supplements), and then proceed to recommend the correct size/type shoes along with a patient-specific orthotic (arch support). He has designed his own line of “semi-custom” orthotics that include a prescription but are less expensive than a “custom” orthotic. With a solid biomechanical foundation in place, he will then give advice on exercise—specifically High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), supplementation, nutrition and stress management. His brand and motto: “Wellness Starts with Your Feet!”

Location: 4401 Sheridan St., Hollywood. To make an appointment, call 954-989-6524 or email [email protected] ​See ad page 49.

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