February Cover Artist… Susie Q Wood

“Heart of Mother Nature”

SusieQ Wood’s art career began in Los Angeles where she focused on painting the beautiful landscapes of California. Averse to the heavy smog, she moved to where the air quality was better and the landscapes took on a “healthier” view.
On the other side of a midlife crisis, her artwork emerged in abstract form and shifted to focus on an environmental message around climate change. SusieQ founded “Global TRASHformation”, a movement encouraging the development of litter-free zones and self-responsibility.

Having collaborative artwork as a centerpiece, she develops workshops, team-building presentations and group art projects, often using litter she has collected from the coastlines, including small pieces of plastic trash, upcycled into works of art.
The cover’s digital version of “Heart of Mother Earth”, called “Heart of HARTS” and the original mixed media (pictured above) are available. Through loving ourselves and honoring the planet, we support Mother Earth. May harts (anagram of the word trash) unite in purpose.
View the artist’s portfolio at SusieQWood.com.

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