Healthy is not a Size, it is a Lifestyle: Living GMO Free in the 21st Century

by Wendy Cottiers-Pacella, HHC

This is not just another D-I-E-T book, but is for those interested in learning easy steps to GMO-free living. Discover the medicinal benefits of foods and herbs. 50+ GMO-free recipes.

Learn how to identify and avoid dangerous and controversial foods from your diet. Learn how to save money by using homemade natural products every day, from women's beauty products to men's shaving products.


Did you know that GMO crops are banned in New Zealand and Madeira, the Portuguese Island, while to date GMOs are continuing to increase here in the U.S.? Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic are approved for growing GM potatoes. Imported foods are no better—the Philippines grow GM crops. Twenty percent of all corn (maize) grown in Spain is GMO. Alarmingly, over 75 percent of all foods sold in American grocery stores contain GMOs!

Learn what to look for when shopping for your family. Protect your family with these medicinal benefits and health tips, including lifestyle changes to live GMO-free; juicing recipes; and quick meals for the whole family to enjoy.

Healthy is not a size; it is a lifestyle!

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