‘Growing Broward’

Broward Food System Cooperative was formed to support the development of a local sustainable economy based on food industry. At their fourth gathering since December 13, 2013, the group, whose total participants have grown to more than 120, chose the brand name “Growing Broward”. It defines the growing movement of people in Broward County desiring to create a healthy, economically robust community and a just food economy.


Local farms and community gardens are only a small part of the local food industry. Like any industry, it relies on many components, including the production of food; food processing; distribution and storage; markets and consumption; waste and recycling; resources and supply; land and facilities; financial products and services; policies and outreach; charities; education; and human resources. Each component offers an opportunity for local businesses to join together as one system, supporting each other, and the community. Growing Broward’s goal is the development of a diverse group of stakeholders representing all the components and subcomponents of the food industry we all rely on.

Meetings are every other Wednesday in locations that feature local food entrepreneurs, with next meeting February 19, 6:30pm, at Eucalyptus Gardens, Wilton Manors. For more information, email [email protected] or [email protected]

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