Garden for Life

by Donna Torrey

My garden is full of many blessings. Because I love flowers, and my yard has a plethora of them, and because I have come to appreciate how important insects are to the web of life, I became a beekeeper about eight years ago. I love being able to harvest and sell treatment-free honey at my store.

When purchasing honey, always try to know the beekeeper because most so-called natural honey can be tainted with pesticides used inside of the hive and can also be adulterated with corn syrup and the pollen removed. These alterations make honey a less-than-healthy sweetener. Pure, unadulterated honey is medicine—but you have to know the source.

The products of the hive also include wax, and when a beekeeper keeps her bees without any pesticides, then the wax is pure. Most cosmetics use wax in them, but unfortunately, most wax is tainted with pesticide residue due to conventional beekeeping. Did you know that? Do you ever stop to think about the stuff you are putting on your body?

When I found out that everything that touches our skin is actually absorbed into the bloodstream within 26 seconds, I started scrutinizing all of my cosmetics and skin care products. What I found was appalling. I discovered that almost all of the products on store shelves are using toxic ingredients—even known carcinogens. Even those products claiming to be all natural or pure can actually have bad ingredients included in their fine print, if you dare to look and know what to look for.

Unfortunately, in order for companies to be profitable, they need to be able to keep their products on the shelves as long as possible without spoilage, so they routinely add preservatives, most of which are toxic. If you don’t know the word in the ingredient list, chances are it isn’t good for you.

Ideally, you should be able to eat anything that you put on your skin. Yes, eat. If your lotions and creams and lip balms aren’t edible, then you should choose another product. Anything that contains mineral oil should never be used on the skin as it clogs pores and prevents normal skin respiration. Petroleum products have no place on our bodies.

Because I found it so difficult to find many products that were indeed good enough to eat, I decided to make my own. My bees provide me with pure, clean beeswax which I mix with food grade coconut oil and pure essential plant oils. There are no chemical additives or preservatives, just the healing energy of the bees, and yes, the outcome is products that ARE pure enough to eat!

What we put on our bodies matters as much as the food we put into them.

Clean, local honey and Donnabees Lotions and Potions are available at The Garden Gate, located at Sears, in the Pompano Citi Centre. For more information, call 954-695-3914 and/or visit

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