Future Now Detox Offers Natural Treatment for Addiction

If you know anything at all about addiction, you know that it is a brain disease. But what’s the treatment? Too often, rehab centers ask people in recovery to white knuckle their way into sobriety through sheer willpower. But there’s another way. A small number of holistic rehab and detox centers now use nicotine adenine dinucleotide (NAD) infusions to restore addicts to health and sobriety. Sometimes called Brain Restoration (BR), this treatment is remarkably effective and supported by scientific research.

NAD is a coenzyme present in every cell of the human body. It plays a key role in metabolic reactions. Without it, the body can’t function optimally. Research has shown that addicts tend to have low levels of NAD, and that the disease of addiction further depletes NAD. This suggests that addicts may use alcohol and drugs to compensate for cellular dysfunction.

NAD infusions are delivered intravenously into the bloodstream. While it’s possible to get NAD supplements at some shops, these aren’t as effective and the dosage isn’t tailored to the individual’s needs. With NAD infusions, an addict gets exactly what they need. This restores the brain and cells to health. It can make detox and withdrawal easier and is clinically proven to reduce the risk of relapse.

In West Palm Beach, Future Now Detox is revolutionizing the use of NAD treatment, offering both inpatient and mobile treatment during which a nurse visits the patient’s home.

For more information, call Future Now Detox 24/7 at 866-419-3899 or email [email protected].

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