Floating for Wellbeing

Imagine floating blissfully in a shallow pool with no light, no sound and no gravity. Welcome to Float8 Wellness Lounge where South Floridians come to relax, recover and reset from the stress of daily life. Float8 offers four private rooms for floatation therapy, a holistic treatment that reduces stress and anxiety, eases chronic pain, speeds physical recovery and improves sleep. By removing light, sound and the effects of gravity, floaters reach a deep level of mental and physical relaxation, ideal for deep healing and meditation.

An ever-growing body of scientific research shows floating as a promising treatment for anxiety-based conditions (PTSD, ADHD, addiction, etc.); chronic pain (injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.); high blood pressure; migraines; sleep disorders; and more. Floating not only aids in the recuperation of the body but also helps with mental focus, creativity and clarity. Professional athletes, including Tom Brady, Steph Curry and Michael Phelps, use float tanks to optimize their performance.
First time floaters, take advantage of the Intro3 package (three 90-minute floats/$120) or Float with a Friend (25 percent off). Enjoy the calming meditation room, inspiring library, artwork in the lounge, and complimentary tea or Non-Prophet Kombucha.
Location: 616 SE 10th St., Deerfield Beach. For more information, call 754-666-3588 or visit Float8ion.com.

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