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In each issue Natural Awakenings local magazines provide their loyal readers with the resources they need to live a healthier, more balanced life. We will be focusing more on global issues that directly affect our lives.

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2018 Editorial Calendar 
(Natural Awakenings’ 24rd year)
January – Annual Edition, Natural Living Directory +
Natural Stress Relief and Understanding Nutraceuticals
February – Living Courageously + Meditation Styles
March – Ethnic Cuisine + Super Spices
April – Climate Health Update + Healthy Home
May –  Natural Care First + Personalized Medicine
June – Livable Communities + Natural Beauty
July – Farmers Rooted in Health + Anti-Inflammatory Diet
August – Siplified Parenting + Multilevel Healing
September – Joint Health + Yoga for Flexibility
October – Game Changers + Chiropractic
November – Immune System Boosters + Safe Drinking Water
December – Uplifting Humanity + Holidays
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Your editorial submissions are what make Natural Awakenings a community resource for holistic health and natural living. We want our readers to get to know you. Submitting editorial for one or more of our departments provides you with the opportunity to share knowledge and bring focus to your business.

Through education about ethical and global issues, there is an opportunity for conscious action and recognition that we are part of a continuum. Our Editorial Guidelines in PDF format outline the various types of editorial content we’re looking for, how many words, due dates, how to submit, etc.

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