Economical Orthotics Offered by Holistic Podiatrist

Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM is one of the only holistic podiatrists in the country. He has developed an economical “customized orthotic” (arch-support) as an alternative to the traditional “custom” orthotic that is made from an impression. Working with a local lab, he has two different types to choose from: a firmer one for a “flatfoot” and a more flexible one for a “high-arch” foot or someone who has lower back issues.

Orthotics are considered “eyeglasses” for the feet and are able to balance out both the back and front via prescriptions placed into them after an examination is performed by Dr. Rimler. These prescriptions can be incorporated into the “Doc Rick” line of orthotics at a cost of less than $200. For comparison, a full “custom” orthotic from an impression will cost well over $400 at most offices.
With your feet in a good place, you will be able to “walk strong” in your daily living activities and “run strong” while exercising.
Dr. Rimler has offices conveniently located in Hollywood and Hallandale Beach. More information can be found at

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