Eastern Reiki at Divine Love Institute

When Nancy Duke and Nancy Livingston opened their doors at Divine Love Institute nearly ten years ago, their focus was to teach, empowering others. As Reiki was their foundation, a Reiki circle was formed and a Reiki family evolved.

As more and more people came, it was noted that not everyone practiced the same Reiki. For Duke and Livingston, it became their mission to discover the “original roots” of Reiki. Through the years, a long process of study and travel ensued. They have taken Reiki nine times in its entirety. They have studied with local Reiki Masters, teachers licensed with the ICRT, Hyakuten Inamoto, Komyo Reiki Kai-Japan, Arjava Petter, Jinkiden Reiki-Japan, and lastly with Hiroshi Doi, founder of Gendai Reiki Ho (original Japanese Dento Reiki) and an active member of Usui Sensei’s secret society (The Gakkai).

Divine Love’s certification program is based on the original teachings of Usui Sensei and original Reiki ideals. They now offer Gendai Reiki Ho (Dento Reiki) which includes original Japanese techniques not taught before and an Eastern lineage with direct transmission from Hiroshi Doi. All workshop materials come from Japan.

Location: 2832 Stirling Rd., Ste. H, Hollywood. For more information and reservations, call 954-920-0050. 

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