Restore Your Healthy Smile

Dr. Landa’s Herbal Mouthwash is preservative-free, doctor recommended, and designed primarily for treatment of severe cases of gum inflammation and periodontal disease.

Dr. Landa was born in the Czech Republic in 1955. He graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine of the Charles University in Prague. Since he terminated his medical practice in 1997, Dr. Landa has concentrated solely on studying phytotherapy and the research and development of herbal preparation.


Since the 1980s, Dr. Landa has studied herbs and their effects. Twenty years ago, he began his own research on herbal preparations to use them for treatment of gum inflammation. In 1993, he discovered his own technology of extracting effective substances from herbs.

Dr. Landa first introduced the new herbal mouthwash in 2004. Patients and dentists were gradually becoming aware of Dr. Landa’s mouthwash, and the tremendous success in maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Until 2008, sales and distribution of the mouthwash were limited to a select network of dental practices and business partners in Europe. Now, they have been able to increase the production capacity of their plants to meet the growing demand for the mouthwash and make it more readily available. Visit See ad page 15.

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