Doolee’s Joy


by Rev. Lana Charlton

Hello, I’m Doolee, a true Dooley dog. Reverend Lana has agreed to submit this for me since I have not mastered holding a pen or the keyboard, but I have a lot to share.


I pray, meditate and listen to the Daily Word as I sit in Reverend Lana’s lap during her morning meditation. She has a special chair for her time with God and I love that chair. I seek it out when I need to be alone, away from my brothers and sisters. It is so comforting to hear her breathe in and out. I never miss our meditation because everything is so still and silent. That time taught me to be still, and it never is long enough.

Lana forgets at times, running around “doing” life. I’m there to remind her that life is so much more fun just “Being” even when you’re a Dooley dog. Life is meant to be fun and joyful.

Simple things make my tail shake. A nice scratch on the head, hearing that leash jingle really excites me, but there is nothing better than seeing the few blocks we walk every day. Daily life never gets old! There are squirrels, birds, and other dogs to bark “Hi” to. A feather can be extraordinarily fascinating, and there is so much to smell, see and enjoy in God’s universe.

I always enjoy God’s sweet time, resting on the futon, puppying around, or helping my parents enjoy that sweet time too. I’m an inspiration to sit, lay down, breathe, roll around as needed or ask for some loving with my sweet soul-filled eyes.

I’m so grateful for my food and water, and even though it tastes the same every time, it too never gets old. I’m always present and in the moment, just in case something is dropped on the floor, new and exciting. You have to have faith.

I’m always happy to see my parents, no matter how long they have been away. I jump, bark and lick just to remind them no matter what, I don’t take anything for granted. I’ve noticed if either of them gets frazzled, they come and sit on the couch with me. That’s when I get special attention. Petting me seems to bring that peace we experience in the morning. They settle down when looking into my eyes of love. As they talk to me, I give them my wise, understanding look. Nothing needs to be said; just listening shows how smart I am. Admiration seeps from every pore in my body, I so adore my parents.

My big brother has PTSD because he was rescued from somewhere mean and scary. He still jumps at the leash even though he loves our walks too. He’s kind of jumpy about a lot of things, but we are doing our best to love him through it. Love helps and heals everything.

My love is unconditional for my family; is there any other kind? No matter what, I think my parents have some dog in them, but I know we all have God in us!

Reverend Lana Charlton is the senior minister at Unity Gateway Church, Coral Springs, and writes for numerous worldwide, national, and local publications. See ad page 46.

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