Doctor, Healer, Teacher, Miracle Worker: Dr. Craig Brown

by Diane Feen

If you mention mainstream medicine to Dr. Craig Brown, he has a lot to say. He’ll tell you that most doctors are taught in medical school to heal patients by way of two avenues—pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. He’ll also tell you not to accept the dire prospects that many traditional doctors have been doling out for years. “You are accepting insufficient advice and treatment than what we have developed. There is a better standard of health when it comes to Expansive Wholistic Health,” states the Harvard trained surgeon.


Getting healthy—and staying that way—is a lifelong mission for Dr. Brown. As a teenager, he was diagnosed with an untreatable spastic colon and an ulcer. It was at this early age he discovered healing protocols that resolved these health issues.

Once again, at the age of 32, his health was challenged. This time he was so sick he could not work. The diagnosis was devastating. Although traditional doctors said he should get his affairs in order, his inner gut told him otherwise. “The severity of my illness catapulted me into researching and developing another way to cure myself because mainstream medicine let me down once again. This was the reason I set out on an amazing mission of healing called Expansive Wholistic Health.”

It was this miraculous healing that started Dr. Brown on an alternative route to healing for family, friends and patients. He is a walking encyclopedia of information about most diseases, and will tell you flat out that pharmaceutical drugs can be a prescription for disaster (the side effects are sometimes worse than the disease). That is the reason he studied the art of wellness as opposed to the traditional route of treating disease.

The crown jewel of his research and work is a 12-step program with 32 protocols that addresses heart disease, chronic fatigue, arthritis, gastric diseases, immune disorders, and a host of other acute and chronic medical conditions. “We reverse and reduce the aging process—it’s about results. I teach people my 12-step program so they can go at their own pace. I have seen this program change peoples’ lives systemically.”

You don’t have to take Dr. Brown’s word for it; his patients’ testimonies speak for themselves. “Dr. Craig has changed my life. I am forever indebted to this man for giving me a life-long fountain of youth and energy, effervescence and amazing physical and mental stamina,” said Glynna S. from New York.

Susan F. also can’t say enough good things about Dr. Brown. “For ten years I suffered with chronic IBS, reflux, recurrent rashes, joint and muscle aches, memory loss, tinnitus, chronic fatigue and insomnia. I had been to top doctors in Boston and all they wanted to do was prescribe medication. After two weeks of Dr. Brown’s program, the chronic pain in my joints and muscles started lifting and my rashes disappeared. After three months I was completely pain free. My focus went from foggy and forgetful to razor sharp and alert, from chronic fatigue to high energy. Because of him, I have my life back and I am loving it!”

Dr. Brown will be holding the 2013 Expansive Wholistic Health & Longevity Conference, November 2 to 3, at the Crest Theatre, Delray Beach. He will unveil secrets he has honed for over 40 years that will expand your life physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. He will also share detailed information about the connection of the mind, body and stress factors that lead to chronic and acute illnesses. “It is my mission to educate the public on how to build their immune systems using protocols for anti-aging results, disease prevention and to combat disease. Our goal is to reverse and reduce the process of aging. You aren’t going to hear me say ‘take three herbs and call me in the morning.’ My 12-step program is a lifestyle change with 32 protocols. We get to the root of the problem—I have seen miracles.”

So has Jennifer G. from Las Vegas. “My life came to a screeching halt in 2012 when I suffered from a brain aneurysm requiring brain surgery. Six weeks after surgery, I had a severe infection that threatened my brain tissue and skull bones. Dr. Brown helped me make a change in my lifestyle—my stress levels, my nutrition, my activity and exercise, to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. He also gave me tools to recover from the brain aneurysm and infection. Through Expansive Wholistic Health I now lead a healthy life.”

If you ask Dr. Brown about living a healthy life, he will tell you that his protocols (and 12-steps) will assist your body in returning to its original state of homeostasis. “Once your immune system is strong, your body will repair itself. Come to my conference and learn how to unleash your potential beyond your wildest dreams. Expansive Wholistic Health works naturally and wholistically to make you better physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially.

To register for the 2013 Expansive Wholistic Health & Longevity Conference go to or call 1-888-490-9898. See ad page 3.

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