Divine Healing Hands with Master Ellen Logan

Master Ellen Logan will be in the Palm Beach and Delray Beach areas to offer teaching and ancient wisdom for Divine Healing Hands. What are Divine Healing Hands? Divine Healing Hands are God’s soul hands. God creates his new soul hands and transmits them to the chosen ones through the service of a Divine Channel (Master Ellen). Chosen one means a person who has gone through the process of applying for, receiving approval by Divine Guidance, and registering to receive Divine Healing Hands.

Why do Divine Healing Hands work? Divine Healing Hands remove soul mind body blockages in the jing (matter), qi (energy), shen (soul) of the body for healing and rejuvenation, and remove soul mind body blockages in relationships, finances, children, intelligence, and more in order to transform every aspect of life.

The Divine is offering soul hands to humanity at this time because of Mother Earth’s transition to help empower humanity to make it through this difficult time.

For more information, visit DivineHealingHands.com or call Pamela, 561-331-1385. See ad page 27.


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