Distance Healing with Cristovão Brilho

When you are dealing with energy, there is no such thing as time or space. Distance healing is based on quantum physics (energy is not restricted to time and location), and is manipulated and guided by the mind, making it a very advanced method of healing. A distance healing is a session when the person receiving the healing is not present; they do not even have to be aware of the session in order to receive its benefits.


Cristovão Brilho, renowned healer, is able to identify a person’s energetic imbalances through their name. Put into movement are all the blocked energies the person holds in their body. This unblocking occurs at the cellular level, opening up energy centers, thereby balancing the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, bringing results to the physical body. Once the healing session begins, a spiritual doctor is sent to the location where the person is located, and the doctor works on the person’s energetic field.

Distance healing and energy work are ideal for those who cannot visit in person, in most situations that need spiritual assistance, and also to help those who do not believe in this type of healing. Visit MyEnergyHealing.com. See ad page 9.

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