Customized Orthotics Launches New Shop-at-Home Website

Richard J. Rimler, DPM, holistic podiatrist and owner of Start with Your Feet, is pleased to announce he has renamed and relaunched his shop-at-home orthotics website to

Doc Rick offers patient-specific prescriptions of his personally designed line of customized orthotics (aka “eyeglasses” for the feet) which can be prescribed in person, via teleconsultation or the online store of his website.

Over his many years, Doc Rick has developed safe and natural protocols covering the majority of foot problems that he encounters. His practice incorporates a wellness model that emphasizes a more natural way to treat foot problems, including enhanced benefits for the entire body. Also offered are group and corporate wellness programs. Location: The Wellness Center at Post Haste, 4401 Sheridan St., Hollywood. For more information, call 954-526-5800 and/or visit

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