Cristovão Brilho Brings Us Ascended Master Turyan

Paranormal Cristovão Brilho will once again offer the unique opportunity to receive the blessings of Ascended Master Turyan, a being of light with unparalleled energetic strength and power, who can help transform your life.

“Turyan is a being from another dimension responsible for the Optia System which is located in the 18th dimension, at 195 billion (thousand million) lightyears from Earth,” Brilho explains. “This system consists of five planets and one star, and Turyan’s function is to direct its entirety. Gifted with a magnificent intelligence and wisdom, it is up to him to guide and define how the beings of Optia energetically work to benefit other civilizations, be that in the area of healing, development of intelligence, wisdom, humility or to exercise forgiveness. Turyan works utilizing all types of energy with wisdom, directing these energies and nurturing all who need them.”

This life-changing event will take place with hourly sessions from 10am to 2pm and 4 to 7pm, October 11, at Instituto Cristovão Brilho. Each attendee will have the opportunity to personally connect with this amazing energy transmitted individually through one’s hands. Location: 2811 Coral Way, Miami. Cost: $15/Session. For more information, call 786-295-8665, 305-446-5090 or visit

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