Can We Glide Toward Better Times?

by Raven Cohan

Having a happier world of believers and disbelievers requires melding categories. The seemingly more scientific understanding that energy is energy would likely enable a quantum evolution. Can everyone reading, consider the word oneness is a safer word than God or quantum? Might we ‘acquire other systems’ to enable ‘our’ system?

What a word oneness is! Personally, it is my favorite word when we need to look beyond our up-to-date, human selves. It allows us all to go to a mind-set that has no time and no space. You might enable a merging where we see the impermanent nature of all. It might require lifelong study. So let’s continue.

Within this commentary, I would enjoy expanding the ideal of finding a way to glean more from our lives. Events are held in arenas which seem to be lost to us (be it during a romance when one partner pulls out or during any other framework you value as a right example for you). Make it an accessible one which might focus on a love for God or nature or the oneness that allows us to admit we are all human.

If everyone on Earth enabled all human beings their space, then enemies could be held less apart. We can blur the borders between good situations and bad. Judgments of such can be released. If we all believe that events and objects in the universe emerge and we witness them from our own vantage points, then all of us ‘different viewers’ can acknowledge we can train to release anything and then ‘expand.’ (That is what happens when anyone makes a space in the emotional body to do so.) May we recognize that each of us isn’t the first or last human on the planet to encounter any kind of disturbance or hurt feelings that we call “challenging to accept?”

All can choose to love the uniqueness in everyone and everything that has so many faces and circumstances. We all can more often rejoice in the trials and tribulations that happen to us instead of bemoaning them. Or at least… we can catch ourselves partaking in our response to aggravation via the form of a need to groan and moan; yell and tell someone else to “go to hell!” Certainly… sometimes such frustration expressed aloud can be a good thing. Nothing is wrong with getting out feelings, yet we can laugh at how small we made ourselves and how much bigger we can be if we run to the arms of Oneness / God / Quantum… as an unfathomable that you might name or choose not to name.

After one adapts such a view, train to observe that all former stuck opinions can be reframed. As an example, “eternal now” need not have us feel trapped in a wishful-thinking mode; a ‘happy-ever-after’ result that we imagine is a trap where we may feel lost. With the eternal now shortcut, our lives can be this moment. The unjudged now quality by whatever we name the oneness, appears in a blink of an eye! Oneness never says, “That is terrible or the other thing is terrific.” We oft admit, we humans do that, but the energy/personae, you choose to name… does not. Once we get into the habit of catching ourselves judging areas of our life that we got used to labeling as black or white, only then with practice (done often) can we replace the spots where we get stuck, with love. We can search our ‘internal storage vaults.’ We can therefore learn what it feels like to open ourselves up with less dread, embarrassment, etc.

An ‘unjudging observer,’ when more often utilized by us, inherits a permanent residence inside us. (Consciously, return it to the bank vault often. Then it will be ready for you to withdraw from your ‘advantage account’ whenever you need it again.) Sooner than later, it appears in the form of whatever it is we need or think we need to feel better (or NOT)! We train to lighten up on our bossy behaviors. Results that come to emerge from the surprising interest account might include the true action of Cosmos/ God-(dess)/ Oneness. We can open ideas toward the next round of surprises that await us on our pathway which becomes our lifetime of better and more refined choices.

Remember these little pointers.

1.  The greatest thing is that everyone can make time in their lives to self-select each action in each minute. Start a training, if it sounds appealing.

2.  We can rejoice that we are all beings in the eternal oneness where we each experience temporary ‘odd’ circumstances that occur in our lives.

3.  We can hope to remind ourselves that love and feeling well is eternally with us. Nothing disappears. Even though we withdraw a love deposit, it magically is still there, unlike money. Love is love eternal, despite divorces from things, including our spouses, jobs, etc.

4.  We can go from any seeming moment of loss we might fall into and get ourselves back to Oneness, eventually more smoothly… (again, with practice).

Hopefully, it gets easier to appease that scared feeling that might be voiced as, “Oh no! Here I go again!” Why do we have to believe we lost OR we found something? We are simply in the now which contains the past and future. We survive eternally despite manifestations we are trained to believe could have, should have and might have been “better.” (Our upbringing usually has offered values that are asking us to accept over-expectation of our outcomes. That’s a trap!)

Despite our different upbringings, we all are on the same page. We get mixed up sometimes, but we’re humans doing our best to move through the tougher times or else get stuck on this way of meditating/praying or some brand of therapy. That original way you have come up with will make reservations for an avoidance of the tougher times. Do we need to employ any certain procedure that’ll take us off the hook? Surely, ad infinitum, we’ll move through the process of feeling stuck. We can do our best (when we feel lost or feel like a loser) just to go back to the eternal now and improve the picture. It’s like an oil painter applying an added layer. It takes a good deal of self-training, yet you can train to glide past this instant. And this one, and just… glide!

Raven Cohan is a Senior Instructor for Grand Master Mantak Chia’s system of Internal Chi Kung/Qigong and dozens of practices that fall under its banner. She is writing a book on Chia’s system and teaches many classes weekly. For more information, call 954-927-2836 and visit

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