Building Your Business by Uplifting Others

There’s a big shift happening in the way we view business, our competitors and the way to achieve our own goals and desires. Thankfully, the concepts of dog-eat-dog and stepping over people as the path to success are subsiding and a more powerful and thoughtful way of being and doing business has gained momentum. Traditional networking that focuses on the business card swap and drop is being enhanced to create more meaningful connections.

Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN) has been at the forefront of this movement since 2008, bringing women together to connect, network and mastermind in a spirit of collaboration and co-opetition. Founded by “The Sisters” (yes, actual sisters), Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr and Susan Wiener, WPN hosts events online and offline where women develop themselves and their businesses and create partnerships, strategic alliances and joint ventures.

Matthews shares, “As the women of prosperity, we think, act and serve in alignment with the Universal Laws of Abundance. With this foundation, our members know that there is more than enough to go around and that our own goals are best served by being of service to others. There is no reason to fear the so-called competition.”

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