Blissful Life Coaching

Jodie Berman is the owner of Bliss Life LLC, a holistic life coaching firm that redesigns your life by co-creating the masterpiece you desire. A holistic life coach is consciously aware that the individual’s mind, body and soul are connected and that they must all be in sync in order for them to achieve the results they are seeking. Berman works by uncovering passions, unearthing blocks and acting as a conduit for the client to be courageous in his or her life. She uses her knowledge and skills in positive psychology, conflict resolution and alternative energy therapies to enable her clients to live their lives fully, fearlessly and uncompromisingly to achieve that to which they aspire. 


Revolutionize how you live your life. Feel powerful. Celebrate your blissful life by embarking on your self-evolution revolution!

Berman’s main office is in Davie, and she also sees clients at Red Pearl Yoga in Fort Lauderdale. For further information and to join the mailing list, visit and receive a free initial 20 minute session. To book an appointment now at Bliss Life, call 754-201-7631. See ad page 36.

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