Balancing Hormones – An Alternative Medicine Approach

Technology increasingly pervades our lives, vocabulary and awareness, but if we look at our bodies like a high-tech operating system, we might better understand the relationship between our hormones and our nervous system. A “glitch” in our nervous or electrical pathways may require an IT adjustment.

Our endocrine system is a collection of glands that secrete over 70 hormones that regulate metabolism, organ and body functions and work in conjunction with the nervous system. Western medicine has worked to balance hormones with medications or hormone replacement therapies (HRT) that often have side effects and may not solve the problem. According to Dr. Gary Snyder of the Alternative Medicine Center in Fort Lauderdale, the “missing piece” concerning hormone imbalance is the lack of recognition or understanding of humans’ tendency toward hormone resistance.

“Diabetes is a classic example,” states Dr. Snyder. “Doctors often prescribe insulin for diabetics, but if their bodies are not receptive to or absorbing insulin, taking more insulin is not solving the problem but only compounding it. We see similarities with estrogen, progesterone or even testosterone, but we can now test for insulin and over 70 other hormones to determine the body’s receptivity to the hormone. Then, by clearing the system’s electrical blockages, we can balance the body so treatment or therapy may not even be necessary. If it is, prescribed nutritional or homeopathic remedies can aid in the balancing act,” he explains.

Fluctuating hormones or resistance to them can influence nearly everything in the body, from skin, sleep, libido and sexual function to memory and weight, as they play a part in nearly every organs’ function. Women have long been sensitive to hormonal changes during menopause, but now men are more aware as “Low T” or testosterone has become another focus. While levels of sexual hormones change with age, there are fluctuations in other hormones affected by stress, diet or environmental conditions.

“While numerous factors contribute to dis-regulation in the body, hormones are often overlooked or misdiagnosed due to the resistance factor,” says Dr. Snyder. “Hormones are chemical messengers that all communicate with each other, and if the communication is ‘off’, it causes a cascade of effects. Identifying resistance is a key.”

Dr. Snyder has specialized in a technique called (Dr.) Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET). This system non-invasively stimulates the nervous system and acupuncture meridian points in a methodical way to encourage uninterrupted flow of energy. Kinesiology, using body movement to test sensitivities or resistance to various substances, is also used in his technique. This system has been used to effectively treat food and environmental allergies and now has expanded to hormone testing and treatment.

With age, people can feel sluggish, moody, or not quite “right” but do not believe they have a medical problem. Often, doctors may misdiagnose a hormonal issue because the tests may not properly measure a hormone level in the blood at a given time. The NAET method enables doctors to test and re-test without drawing blood, waiting for results and experimenting with drugs that may or may not help treat the problem. NAET practitioners can test individual hormones to determine if the body is resistant and then, through treatment, remove the resistance. HRT can often be avoided as the body can be receptive to and use its own hormones.

Dr. Snyder reports that many patients say the treatment is like “flipping a switch,” feeling almost instant results.

To see if the alternative medicine approach to hormone testing is right for you, contact Dr. Gary Snyder, The Alternative Medicine Center, 2640 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 954-486-4000.

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