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Into and Out of the Dark Night of the Soul

by Rev. Dr. Grace Telesco

As an interfaith minister and student of Theology, I enjoy the exploration of various faith practices and glean from them universal truths and lessons. Over the last few months, both Christian and Jewish people celebrated the various holy days of Lent, Easter and Passover—a time of introspection, reflection and remembrance about emerging from the desert or “tomb” experience and coming into “resurrection” or “Promised Land” consciousness. Even those of us with no specific dogmatic belief find ourselves “searching” for a way out of the desert and an understanding of why we sometimes feel as though we are in a tomb.

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Dr. Haller and Tongue Tie South Florida Relocate

General dentist Dr. Leslie Haller and Tongue Tie South Florida have relocated from Lauderhill to 348 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, a more central location from which to better serve all of South Florida.

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A New Healthy Coffee Alternative

Success by Health (SBH), a new, re-branded company in the healthy lifestyle industry with its Reishi Mushroom-infused coffee products, now offers two healthy coffee products—Café Noir and Café Latte—in the natural beverage niche market for sales affiliates. They are formulated with the Reishi (Ganoderma)

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Future Now Detox Offers Natural Treatment for Addiction

If you know anything at all about addiction, you know that it is a brain disease. But what’s the treatment? Too often, rehab centers ask people in recovery to white knuckle their way into sobriety through sheer willpower. But there’s another way. A small number of holistic rehab and detox centers now use nicotine adenine dinucleotide (NAD) infusions to restore addicts to health and sobriety. Sometimes called Brain Restoration (BR), this treatment is remarkably effective and supported by scientific research.

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Pembroke Holistic Center Relocates

Gloria Moreira, L.Ac., MS, ABAAHP, Pembroke Holistic Center, announces the recent move to her new location at 1806 North Flamingo Road, Suite 105, Pembroke Pines.

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How the Next Generation is Leading the Charge for Change

by Trish Carr

Like many of you, I’m impressed with the uprising of young voices in our national conversation, the most recent being the #neveragain movement initiated by students from Stoneman Douglas High School in the wake of the February 14th shooting.

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Law of Attraction Life Coach Offers Phone Sessions

David Scott Bartky, a certified and experienced Law of Attraction life coach, fully understands this law and works with clients to help them attract and become all they want.

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Rebirth Fitness Opens in Lighthouse Point

Rebirth Fitness, recently opened at 4752 N. Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, announces a new concept in fitness—the Vasper exercise machine—the only one in South Florida. Vasper uses proven science to give the user the benefits of a two-hour workout in 21 minutes. Rebirth offers anyone wanting to have this experience a money back guarantee trial for the first three sessions.

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Local Manufacturer Offers Affordable Teeth Whitening

Smiling is a human reflex, but what happens when your smile is not as white as it used to be? Time, diet, smoking and coffee can leave your smile stained.

Now, there is a solution, with South Florida’s own Florida Laboratories, Inc.

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Pain Relief with Visceral Manipulation

by TJ Mallet

Visceral Manipulation (VM) is a manual therapy wherein a therapist uses gentle, specific manual forces that encourage normal mobility, tone and natural tissue motion of the viscera (organs), the visceral connective tissue and other areas of the body where physiologic motion has been impaired. VM affects many body systems. Its purpose, according to Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O., the developer, “is to recreate, harmonize and increase proprioceptive communication in the body to enhance its internal mechanism for better health.”

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