A Railroad Runs Through It

The Florida East Coast Railroad (FEC) started in 1895 bringing with it economic prosperity, creating vibrant urban cores. However, during the 1950s and 60s, there was a flight out of the urban cores into the suburbs leaving behind disparity, blight and slum necessitating the creation of Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRA) specifically tasked to address these issues. With a renewed interest in once again including passenger service along the FEC line, All Aboard Florida, along with proposed future train stations and Transit Oriented Development (TOD), the potential economic, environmental and social impacts are significant.


Exploring these impacts on and with surrounding CRA communities in Pompano Beach, Oakland Park, Fort Lauderdale and Dania ca is the focus of public artist Valerie J. Amor.

Her project, “A Railroad Runs Through It”, will seek community generated ideas for the inclusion for public art in future train stations and TOD through a series of workshops and passive interactive installations. Storytelling, music, dance, theater, public chalkboards and public charettes will allow for community engagement to better understand these impacts and to ‘find a way’ to share their past, present and future alongside the interest of the cities to create ‘way finding’.

For more information, [email protected], 954-701-0698.

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