​7 Top Secrets for Women to Age Younger and Stay Healthier

by Dr. Elizabeth King, LCSW, CHT

1. As soon as you wake up in the morning do mind exercises. Tell yourself that you are worthy of self-love and respect from others. Start naming everything that you are grateful for. Spend time each day doing something you love with people you love. Go to a mental health professional (psychotherapist, psychologist, mental health counselor, or a marriage and family counselor) if you can’t have positive thoughts or you can’t cope with stressors for more than two weeks. Emotional health is the key to successful living.


2. Eat 7 to 13 fruits and vegetables per day. Add Vitamins C, E, D and omega oils. More specifics supplements if you have a chronic condition.

3. Instead of pain pills or surgery, first try hypnotherapy, acupuncture, Ondamed, psychotherapy, yoga, essential oils, and nutritional counseling. What do you have to lose?

4. Maintain your body’s alkalinity. Test your Ph. Watch your diet (eat lemons, garlic, yellow and green veggies, beans and whole nuts). Avoid overuse of antibiotics. Take probiotics if you don’t know what to eat.

5. If you must use a sweetener in your coffee or drinks, make it a natural, low-glycemic choice such as blue agave nectar (organic), grade B maple syrup, fructose, or Stevia, instead of the pink, yellow, blue, brown or white packages.

6. Schedule therapeutic massages to help eliminate toxins in your body, reduce stress and stimulate healthy cellular growth, at least once per month, and more if you have a chronic condition. It may feel like indulgence, but it is disease prevention.

7. Learn how to give yourself permission to self-care. You must always put your oxygen mask on first.


Dr. Elizabeth King, LCSW, CHT is “The Holistic Therapist”. She is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, wellness expert, professor, speaker, radio personality and author. King is the founder and CEO of International Holistic Center, a one-stop shop for health and wellness. She is also the founder of Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick: The Balancing Act Conference, scheduled for July 12, 2013, at the Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale. The main focus of the conference is women’s health. For more information about the center, the radio show or the conference, visit IHCHealthFusion.com. To schedule an appointment, call 954-903-9426. See ad page 35.

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