Do you have a “Leaky Mouth”?

by Dr. Yani
We are in an era of health where it is eminent and recognized as dogma that a healthy gut (microbiome), low stress levels and proper nutrition ensure a healthy body and prevent not only leaky gut syndrome but also adrenal fatigue. Environmental toxins causing free radicals, cheap fast food diets with poor nutritional value and high daily stress levels can threaten our homeostasis (stable equilibrium within our body).
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Letter from the Publisher

March promises to deliver springtime to Florida. The weather warms up and an evening out is delightful.
I write this from somewhere on the Caribbean sea, traveling on a cruise ship with our group of 2,000, beginning our 100 percent vegan holiday and being served meals that are whole food, plant-based (that means excluding ALL animal products). Our first port-of-call is St. Thomas. I’ve never been to that island and am excited to explore the area, especially the water’s edge.
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Garden Life

by Donna Torrey
Finally, I think the worst of the cold weather is behind us, and I’m beginning to feel the soft touch of a South Florida springtime; are you?
All of a sudden it seems, the birds are chirping away, building nests, courting and full of energy.
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Coaches in the Boxing Ring for Parkinson’s Disease

For those with Parkinson’s Disease, Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) has been proven to alleviate the symptoms, improve quality of life and allow them to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. A non-contact, high intensity boxing style fitness program, it works through the “tough love” approach.
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The Salt Box Celebrates 3rd Year

The Salt Box, in Parkland, improves lives by providing holistic salt therapy, a relaxing environment and a warm experience. The benefits of salt therapy were realized centuries ago when Polish salt miners were found to be in extraordinary health and

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Natural Awakenings Family of Franchises Keeps Growing

Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp. (NAPC) welcomed new franchise owners/publishers, Jody Janati and Candi Broeffle for Twin Cities, Minnesota, and Steve Ellis for Washington, DC. At the recent training session at the corporate headquarters in Naples, Florida, the NAPC staff spent several days with these entrepreneurs, discussing the ins-and-outs of taking over publication of existing Natural Awakenings.
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3rd Annual Heal the Planet Day to be Held in Fort Lauderdale

Mark your calendars for the 3rd Annual Heal the Planet Day, April 22, at Esplanade Park, in Fort Lauderdale. Heal the Planet Day is an Earth Day celebration that brings together the South Florida community for a day of fun, family-friendly activities. The focus is on small, local acts that have a huge, global impact.
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Inter-Dimensional Healing with Cristovão Brilho

Cristovão Brilho, incredibly gifted paranormal and metaphysician, was born in Brazil and started his spiritual experience at the age of four. He is deeply committed to help bring health, equilibrium and well-being to humankind and, to that end, he pursues this cause with selfless devotion, offering treatments around the world.
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Plant-Based Cooking Series Begins in February

Yello! Creative Arts and Events Center, in partnership with the Food for Health Foundation, proudly introduce Third Thursday Cooking Series—a program of monthly cooking classes free and open to the public. Led by local plant-based chef Nina Kauder, the series will begin on February 15, and reoccur every third Thursday of the month throughout the year.
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From Furry to Feathered, Fields of Nature Covers It

At Fields of Nature, their goal is to educate pet owners everywhere and give them the means to feed and treat their pets with high quality natural foods and remedies. Since pets rely completely on their owners, Fields of Nature enables pet owners by supplying them with the best products available.

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