Author Publishes Forward-Thinking Book

Author David Kline has published a new book, Change a Letter, Change Your Life. The book gives readers the opportunity to learn about the law of attraction and how to use it to improve their lives. Encouraging readers to move beyond the phrase, I’ll believe it when I see it, Kline suggests readers take the initiative to formulate a new way of thinking by changing the w in when to a t, so that the resulting updated phrase becomes: I believe, then I see. Continue Reading

Press On Qi

An Interview with Jeff Primack

Conducted by Publisher Damon Damato

Can you bring a Universal meaning to describe ‘what is Qi?’

Qi is the electric life presence that beats the human heart and charges the air we breathe. Gong, like Gong Fu, is a repeated action to activate higher energy. Qigong generates a powerful magnetic field in the hands, and this energy “dilates arteries”, healing what it touches. Continue Reading

Healing Essence Studio Relocates to East Fort Lauderdale

Healing Essence Studio, offering services in Davie since 2008, has relocated to 3081 East Commercial Boulevard, Suite 103, Fort Lauderdale. Owner Julia Caira, LMT, CHTP, known for therapeutic massage, energy healing and aromatherapy consultations, expanded Healing Essence Studio to include workshops, classes and yoga, with room rental available for small gatherings.

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Ceramic Dental Implants Now Available

Dr. Brent J. Bracco’s office is now offering metal-free implants using Z-System’s all ceramic implants. The benefit to ceramic implants as opposed to titanium implants is that they are more natural in appearance and integrate better with bones and gums making them more sustainable. Ceramic implants also cause no irritation to the immune system and are much stronger than titanium implants.

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The Story

by Laura Castanza and Julia George

Our lives are a culmination of personal experiences from this lifetime and others, shaped by family, culture and society. We openly share it or selectively hide it. Either way, our story lives within us as a blessing or a burden, depending on our level of awareness. Once we decide to investigate how our story drives our experiences, we can release any control it has over the choices we make. It is only at this point where we are able to move forward with more freedom and opportunity for peace.

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Has Your Relationship Gone Off Course?

People often live off of fantasy what they believe they should receive in relationships, which can result in disappointment and unmet expectations. Oftentimes, individuals may find themselves communicating ineffectively with one another resulting in settling, getting too comfortable or hoping things will change on their own.

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Tunie’s in Coral Springs Celebrates Summer Kickoff

Join Tunie’s for their Taste of Summer Kickoff Event, happening from noon to 4 p.m., June 16. There will be a delicious selection of food and drinks from the best grocery brands. Once you’ve tried all of the delectable samples to your satisfaction, you are encouraged to make your way to the vitamin aisles. Here, you will find even more samples of vitamins, supplements and essential nutrients to take home.

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Advanced Healing Wellness Center Grand Opening in Pembroke Pines

Join Advanced Healing Wellness Center at their Grand Opening Festival, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on June 30, at 20170 Pines Boulevard, Suite 301, Pembroke Pines. There will be a sampling of services offered, including Acupuncture, Massage, Healing, Chiropractic Adjustments, Tai Chi/Qi Gong and Yoga. Service samplings will cost $5 to $20 based upon session. Also available will be Hand Analysis Reading as well as Ayurvedic Assessment (of the Doshas) and Structured Water Hydration Tasting.

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The Salt Suite Honors Veterans and Dads with Free Session

In honor of Father’s Day and all veterans, The Salt Suite, Fort Lauderdale location (only), invites veterans to take advantage of a free session any time during the month of June. Fathers are invited to come in for a free session on Father’s Day.

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Rebirth Fitness Opens in Lighthouse Point

Rebirth Fitness, recently opened at 4752 North Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, announces a new concept in fitness—the Vasper exercise machine—the only one in South Florida. Vasper uses proven science to give the user the benefits of a two-hour workout in 21 minutes. Rebirth offers anyone wanting to have this experience a money back guarantee trial for the first three sessions.

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